Monday, January 10, 2011

Day Five

So, today is Day #5. I am on a thirty day fitness program that May has designed for me, which is going to kick start my 2011 and help me on my journey to becoming in great shape. Perhaps I didn't give enough thought to just how long 30 days actually is...

She has charted out new cruel and unusual things for me to do each day we meet, and, she has actually emailed files to me ahead of time with each exercise series mapped out in detail... but to be honest, I would rather not know. Knowing what I am in store for will produce a dread that will hang over me hours before I arrive at the gym. Ruin my day, really. Kind of like how your Sunday night is always darkened with the promise of having to get up early the next morning for work... except way worse than that.

I am keeping this short, as I am trying to conserve my energy for the dreaded session #5. Every bit counts.

I am actually still recovering from days 1 through 4.

My Current Status:
  • My leg muscles feel weak and unpredictable when I try to walk. If my steps are too large, I get shots of pain in all kind of muscles I didn't know I had. Hence, I am doing a sort of shuffle walk today. Extremely sexy.
  • I am quite sure my hips have been swapped with a pair belonging to a very creaky ninety-five year old, as they ache with even the smallest movement.
  • When I tried to 'pop' out of bed this morning, I had to fight against the intense ache in my abdominal region that made me want to lay perfectly still forever.
It all hurts. Day 30 seems so far out of reach. SoooOOoo farRrr. Everyone please channel all of your workout energy and send it my way. Ì need it...


  1. All - I'm happy to report she survived day 5. Working on Day #6!!!

  2. March 2012 Woodlands Marathon! Mark your calendar, you'll be uber fit by then!!! :)

  3. Hi Tasha you sound like you are in alot of pain. Oh what is that saying no pain no gain. It will be worth in in the end. Good Luck!!!