Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Three Little Birds

It's only 8pm, the evening before we leave, and I am almost packed! This is a record. Has to be. C is another story (currently out golfing and hasn't even opened his suitcase yet), but the bean and I are pretty much ready to go. I have spent basically ALL afternoon organizing, doing laundry and packing. This is exciting. I am super pumped.

In the wee hours of tomorrow morning, we leave for the Maldives.
(Can I get a WOOT WOOT?)
Our first tropical holiday since becoming parents. Seriously... I can't even remember our last vacation to a beach. I am guessing about three years ago? Maybe four. It may be a 'bit' different since our last retreat to a tropical desitination (days filled with sleeping in, lounging by the water, reading a few good books and sipping a few good drinks) but we are up for the challenge.
Can't wait.
These three little birds will be doning sun hats and bathing suits first thing tomorrow.
Yahoo for vacations! Life is good!


  1. Have a blast! Look forward to the pictures!

  2. Happy Birthday to you! Hope it was a great day & you get to celebrate again on the beach. XOX AM

  3. First, I enjoyed the video of Bob Marley. The song puts me in the mood for a tropical vacation. I think everyone in their lifetime should experience a pardise vacation, like you guys just had. What an awesome way to celebrate your birthday. The many splendid,breathing moments you have to share with each other. I love the blog, please keep them coming. The pictures are spectacular!!!