Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ella

Today is a big day. My little girl turns two today.

Two whole years have flown by.
Whoosh. Just like that.

I still call you my baby, but am seeing an exceptional
little girl appear more and more each day.

Every single morning when you wake up and I get to be the first one to greet you, my heart swells.
How lucky am I?

From the moment you came into our lives, you have made every day shine brighter.
Every moment matter more.

Your smile lights up any room.

You are beautiful, sensitive, spirited, and loving.

You love holding hands, dancing to just about any song, and give the best hugs ever.
The. Best. Ever.

I wouldn't change one thing about you. Not one.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl. We couldn't love you more.