Sunday, April 8, 2012

We Came, We Saw, We Ate

We recently went on a whirlwind trip to Milan, Italy. If you remember my ramblings from last year, you will recall how I grumbled a bit from time to time about being left here in Qatar while my husband globe trotted here and there for business. It's not that I mind being alone - I really don't - I was just a little green around the gills at the places he was getting to visit that I was 'missing out on'.
(wine was not hers...
her father thought it would be a 'funny' shot)
Around our house we call that FOMO Syndrome... Fear Of Missing Out... and I get it bad sometimes.
Spring was in the air
So, when my darling C announced that he would be on a conference in Milan this March, well, you know I wasn't missing that ship when it sailed.
I promised myself that this year I would start flying with Ella again. Last year's devastating solo trip to Canada left me feeling like I wasn't going to do that again any time soon (soon = ever again). But my FOMO on Milan was greater than my air-travel-with-a-toddler fears, so we booked us some tickets. 
pizza with 'bow' was for E from the chef

C was good about it... I know he probably secretly looks forward to a couple of sleep ins, room service, and drinks after work with friends, but he was open to us tagging along, so along we tagged.

Milan was in full spring bloom when we arrived, and the weather couldn't have been more beautiful. For five days, E and I walked the streets, visited tourist attractions, shopped a little... but mostly... mostly, we ATE.

As they say, what is in the cat is in the kitten... my deep love for Italian food must have seeped into my little kitten's body sometime before birth. Everything we ate was fresh, flavorful, and delicious.
best lunch spot ever
We didn't talk much during our breakfasts and lunches together... we just sat in happy silence as we munched on scrumptious food and sloshed fresh juice.
Pure happiness served three times a day.
Dinners were better as C was with us. There were also a few friends from Doha in town, so we all had evening meals together a few times - great friends to add to the great food. Viva Milano!

And here comes Italy, Round 2 later this week. Family vacation time! I can already taste it.


  1. That pizza pic makes me hungry. MMMmm... Real Italian Pizza! SS

  2. Three cheers for globe-trotting husbands! I could really go for some saffron risotto and an orange fizzy drink Glad we tagged-along together!

  3. Milan Itlay, how splendid. Looking at the pictures and they all look so magnificent, the buildings are impressive. How lucky you are to be going to Rome this week, I will be eagerly awaiting all the news on that trip. Keep the blogs coming , very intersting.