Wednesday, May 2, 2012

To Rome and Beyond

Our second trip to Italy in one month. I am not complaining one bit.

The canal just outside our hotel in Rome

First stop was Rome for a few days. Fell in love with all things Roman.
Wish we'd had so much more time in the city.

Met up with our good friends who travelled to meet us from Calgary, Alberta.
We toured Ancient Rome together, enjoyed the rain and explored some of the city.

The Spanish Steps - rain couldn't keep us away!
The stone where Antony stood to
give Caesar's Funeral Speech

The next part of our adventure required a special ride...

Our "Scudo". It didn't let us down once.
We drove to the town of San Gimignano, in the heart of the Tuscan hills. Breathtaking scenery and lots of little windy roads. Our GPS only led us astray once or twice. All part of the fun!

Old Friends

wine barrel balance

Pit stop on the way to town of Volterra
From San Gimignano, we made day trips to Sienna, Florence, Poggibonsi, Volterra and Pisa. So much to take in!
Our days were filled with historic sightseeing, exploring local shops, wine tasting, vineyard and olive farm tours, and delicious food.
Squeeze a few naps in there for good measure.
Lots of rain too, but we did get a few sunny days.
(And hey, I will never complain about rain after my years in Qatar.)

deliciousness everywhere

Can one ever eat too much pasta? Yes, one can indeed. I believe we proved it by weeks end for sure.

I enjoyed the view ; )
E, with our hotel in
San Gimignano Chapel

An excellent family holiday.
So great to catch up with special friends. Italy is full of awesomeness. We'll go back for sure.
weary travellers 


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  3. These pictures make me want to take a vacation. More posts! scot