Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Get Up And Go Has Got Up And Gone

I am back. Been back for over a week now. Forgive me for not writing sooner... I was so caught up in living a different kind of life than the one I live here that I had no time to write. It had been a year and I had forgotten. Canada was ahhhh-some.

E and I arrived in Nova Scotia the first week of July. No big issues on the planes home at all. Hooray! We were both pooped, but feeling good. We had purchased a summer cottage the year before (just as we were leaving to head back to Qatar), so this was our first time to be in our new place and enjoy it. I couldn't wait.

We always love our time home. I am pretty sure I have mentioned that before. Being back with familiar faces, familiar paces and such a different way of living is just what we need to fill those internal enthusiasm tanks that can get a bit low after too much time spent abroad. A good dose of where-you-come-from can fix most things, really.

When we became parents, we found that living out of suitcases, ferrying ourselves between grandparents houses, and living on other peoples schedules was great for the first week or two, but when the time came to fly back to Doha, we always felt secretly ready. Ready to be back in our own space with our own things. That's such a nice part of coming back. That first night when you get back from a long day or two of travel, and are finally able to get a nice hot shower and collapse into the cool sheets of your own bed -- that feeling is priceless.
But this time... this time coming back was hard. So freaking hard. I can't put my finger on just one reason, as they're all muddled together in my mind still.
Our summer place brought so much J O Y.
As soon as C joined us, it felt like a happy little home... our home. In Canada. Now there's a thought. When did we become such expats, anyhow?

We spent the summer starting to make the house "ours". We mowed grass, painted walls, cut trees, built decks, planted flowers, organized rooms, and purchased... everything. We worked, but, we played too. We filled the rooms with laughter and love. Our friends and family came to visit us this time. For the first time, we got to stay put for a while. Our time seemed longer - and our days fuller. Having our own home base sure was nice.

To say E loved country living would be an understatement. Each day she'd burst out the door, wanting to explore everything around her. This little girl from Qatar got to be a Canadian kid for a summer.

So, hence my blog title. I am back. But I am still dragging. I'm coming back around to desert life slower than usual this time. I miss the cool Nova Scotia nights and the crystal clear skies.
I miss my girlfriends and my parents. I long for a proper grocery store again. I crave the calmness on the roads. I dream about having Kenny's Pizza and Fuzzy's fries just one more time.

Qatar seems to have lots of new faces lately, but sadly (for me), lots of faces that have become near and dear to my heart are moving on to new assignments very soon. Some goodbyes to be said in coming weeks.

So forgive me friends for my delay in writing and responding. I am coming around again. I promise. My batteries have been recharged, but my ON switch is a little stuck a the moment.

It was bound to happen after such a fantastic summer.


  1. Glad you all are back safe and sound. looking forward to catch up posts!

  2. I am sure it is not easy living the expat life again after having had such a wonderful summer. Your place in Canada looks absolutely wonderful.

    1. Thanks Lindy! It was a fantastic summer... just what I needed : )