Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Of all the places...

Of all the places I imagined myself living over the years, this one somehow never made the list. Yet, here I am. Doha, Qatar. The Middle East. The Desert. Wow.

On February 22, 2010, Colin & I said goodbye to the great Lone Star State that we had the true pleasure of calling home for the last four years, packed up our little family, and headed to Doha.
Ella was a complete superstar on the plane. SUPERSTAR. Thank goodness, as this freed up all of my time to fret and obsess over how my boys were coping with air travel in the lowly cargo hold. I had slowly convinced myself with each patch of turbulence that they would both turn up dead at the end of it (my imagination gets the best of me at times).

After 17 hours of first class service (God bless Qatar Airways, and the two-ish glasses of wine that helped me snooze intermittently), we touched down in our new sandy home.

First impressions - the airport is modern, clean, and filled with local folks dressed just the way the google images told me they would be dressed. I notice Colin staring at me, trying to guess what my first impressions are. Forever the optimist, Colin already loves it here.

We are patiently waiting for the nice man that greeted us at the gate to help expedite our entry visas. Ella is happily cooing away in her Baby Bjorn, despite the fact it is now her bedtime and she should be fast asleep, while I anxiously scan the crowd for the trolley that is supposed to be bringing the dogs to us from the cargo area. I can feel tears burning my eyes as I imagine what I am about to see.
So, we wait... and wait. And wait some more. Finally, after the longest 20 minutes of my life, here they come through the crowd, being pushed by little a Indian man looking very unimpressed about getting saddled with the task of hauling two frantic little dogs around. I see them. Alive! Tails wagging. Looking like two somewhat disheveled versions of themselves. Yes! All five of us are here in one piece!! Colin is smiling, baby is not crying. All is well. Our new chapter can offically begin.
Now the true adventure begins. We have two transport vans waiting outside to drive us to our new home. One for the three of us and the six suitcases, four carryons, and Ella's stroller (we were a sorry sight at check in). One for Cooper & Bentley and their massive crates. And, we're off!

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  1. Tasha you have such a way of putting so much meaning into what you write. I just love it. Sorry you feel homesick today, it will pass. But then again, it is nice to think of your old friends,you will see them again. Keep all the interesting news coming. I can't wait to get home from work, with the anticipation, of reading your blog. Thank You. Love You