Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Great City of Doha

We happen to arrive in Doha at night, on a particularly clear evening, so the lights of the city are quite impressive as we approach. Apparently our new home is on the other side of the city from the airport, so we get to oohh and ahhh at the sights as we drive along.
The thing we both immediately comment on - the driving. Holy cow. Complete chaos. The Qatari's are quite new behind the wheels of their fancy SUVs, and it shows. Speeding, cutting off, honking, very intimidating looking roundabouts. I think to myself, 'breath'. It just looks worse at night. (More on the driving later!)

After a quick 20 minute drive, we pull up to our new compound... sandy lot on the outskirts of the city with palm trees lining the gates. The security guards approach our little caravan and already know our names! They've been expecting us! In we go.

Hello villa #14. I get Ella and I out of the van, hand Ella (who is looking very sleepy by now but has decided to stay awake and take it all in with her folks) off to daddy, and get to the business of allowing the pups to relieve themselves. After about 22 straight hours of crate time, neither of my genius little fur balls has soiled their crates. They did do an immediate relief-job on our new front lawn, however.

Suitcases unloaded, dogs now leashed & happy, we turn the key to our new place.
We spend ten minutes having a look around, and... not too bad at all. Certainly not the fanciest place I've been in, but I can definitely make this home for a couple years. I feel both completely pooped and relieved. Off to bed for all five of us. Night one is spent in our new Super King Sized bed - Ella between us, dogs by our feet. We all have quite an impressive sleep.

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  1. The relief of arriving..... wherever you were anticipating to arrive.
    The place looks great!
    I just discovered these blog entries now (I was looking at Ella's page for updates) so sorry for not commenting earlier.
    I love the way you can put your mind and heart on the page.