Monday, March 29, 2010

Al-Ahli Hospital & My Mom's Arrival

We made our first visit to the local hospital this week!

On Saturday nights, Colin has found a soccer team to join on the compound. This was week #2, and, unfortunately, he fell. Well, in actual fact, he was tripped, but it doesn't really matter (although he says it does).

The end result... he comes home Saturday evening with his tail between his legs, walking rather slowly. He's holding his wrist and limping. What!?

They play on a hard surface and when he fell, he caught himself with his left hand (he's broken a bone on this side before doing the very same thing). I tell him we should make a trip to the ER that evening, so we get it over with. Nope. According to my sulky husband (who is hurting more than he is admitting), he is "just fine" and wants to sleep on it.

Eight hours and a couple of bags of frozen peas later, he reluctantly agrees to head to the hospital. We choose a privatized hospital that is about 10 minutes away ( We get to see both the Orthopedics and Radiology wings. We pay cash for his treatment and hope to get reimbursed through our new insurance later. Not a bad experience at all, really. (Pictured right: One wounded husband, one sleeping baby while we waited @ the ER)

The verdict: a fractured left wrist and a broken big toe. His toe actually makes my stomach weak to look at... very swollen and completely purple. Ouch.

Later that same night, Colin's wrist now splinted and his prescription anti-imflammatories making everything seem okay again, we head to the airport to pick up my mom.

Her flight was due at 7:45pm, but was slightly delayed. Ella lost her patience with waiting about 45 minutes in, which meant her Mommy lost their great spot at the arrivals terminal amongst a sea of people waiting for flights to arrive. Colin stuck it out in the crowd while I walked with one tired baby.

She walks through the arrival gate at 9:15pm, looking completely thrilled, despite the fact she's been flying for 18 hours. Ella perks up quite a bit (thank goodness) and everyone is very happy. Her flight went great and she made it through Heathrow without any hiccups whatsoever. Yay for us!
Typical of my mother, she gets completely unpacked and 'moved in' to her new bedroom before crashing late last night... always has to settle in!
So here we are - day one of her visit. We spent the morning poolside - Ella and I hiding in the shade enjoying the breeze, while Mom spends her time in the pool and "getting some sun on her legs". Funny thing is, my mother has been trying to get sun on her legs for as long as I have been on this earth, and guess what? I have never ever seen her legs any color but white. Not white really, kind of a creamy shade of transparent. We are pale folks.

We are going Greek tonight! We have reservations at Mykonos - a Greek restaurant close to our compound ( ). Can't wait!

I've stolen a few moments to myself to write this while Ella and Mom both indulge in an afternoon siesta.
I'll write more this week - I see some shopping, more exploring, and, a little camel riding in our immediate futures!


  1. I guess Private Health Care works in the Middle East as well. Hope you get you cash back.

    That's so awesome you got the camel ride for your mom.

    BTW: I'm watching from my office window as they put new mulch down and do a spring cleaning on your old yard. Great weather here lately is making for the best Woodlands spring I've seen so far.

  2. I hope they take good care of my lemon tree :(

  3. I've known your mother for 40 years and have never seen her legs get a tan as much as she tries.(HAHA)Glad you guys are having such a wonderful time together.