Saturday, April 3, 2010

April has Arrived

It makes for dull conversation that when I open my eyes every morning, the sun is shining and there is not a cloud in the sky. I mean, come on, I am a Maritimer, for Pete's Sake! We live and breath to comment on and complain about the weather. But no, I can't do either this week. Its been beautiful. Hot and sunny - not too hot - with a great breeze. (I have thrown in a few groans about blowing sand and having to wear goopy sunscreen just for good measure while conversing with neighbours, etc. It's been difficult.)

Big news in my backyard - the few meters of 'sandbox' that I dug up and filled with soil and planted with seeds, in attempts to start a little garden, have started to sprout!! This was my "trial" patch to see if anything would/could grow back there, and so far, I can check yes for both carrots and cucumbers (three rows of each). I am quite impressed with my 2.5 inch little sprouts, and am praying that they continue to thrive. Who knows, perhaps I'll rip up all of the sad little patches of grass back there and go crazy with a big ol' Texas sized garden. Probably not, but its a nice thought.

My mom's visit is going swimmingly. She's having a blast and it's amazing what an extra set of hands is worth with a five month old baby. I love it. Suddenly I can do things without one-arming it. Quite nifty.

I must stop here to say to all my friends who moved to be closer to their parents when they decided to start families... I now get it. Ella is quite taken with this new wild-haired lady that immediately presents herself at Ella's slightest coo. I actually can leave them alone together and get stuff done! Wow. I know Colin is enjoying it too. Side note here - Colin's mom & sister both booked their tickets to come visit next month. Yay for visitors!

I must mention the highlights of our week. First one was our trip to the Museum of Islamic Art. What a place! I do enjoy museums but this one was extra special. Their current Pearl exhibit (which they are soon sending on tour around the world) was absolutely breathtaking. I highly recommend spending an afternoon if it turns up near any of you. I immediately told Colin that I now must have some new pearls of my own. He just smiled - I'll take that as a yes?

Our other highlight this weekend - we went camel riding! Oh, how fun! We actually got to drive out to the more desert-y area of Qatar, which was a sight to behold in itself. Nothing but sand and a few sad little roads. I can now say I have stood in the desert... the actual desert. I got sand in every crevice you could imagine, and I think I am still tasting it tonight.

But, getting back to the camels... is it weird to say that I think they are beautiful? In a gnarly-toothed, smelly kind of way, but I thought they were very impressive animals. Strangely graceful. Their fur (is that what you call it?) was pretty soft too. I don't know... maybe the sand is clogging my clear judgement. Anyone agree with me? Mom had a blast and we all laughed lots. This was a day that was filled with the real 'good' stuff.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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  1. Tasha,
    We certainly lucked out on the weather for my visit! Camel riding was an adventure i will never forget! Keep up the great posts. XOX Mom