Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Oaxaca Fudge Bars with Cashew Crumb Topping That Made My Weekend

I've stumbled upon something I have to share. See my earlier post about my renewed interest in baking that explains all my time in the kitchen lately.

On Friday night, we had just finished watching an episode of Burn Notice (love), and when we turned it off, the Food Network channel happened to be on the TV (Colin & I actually watch this channel lots... Bobby Flay, Diners Drive-Ins & Dives... quality stuff).

The show that was on was a FN rerun of a 'Best Dessert Showdown'. So, of course we watched. Well, my mom fell asleep, but C & I were very interested.
There were some serious cookie-baking competitors, but the shining star who took the grand prize (a cool 25,000 bucks), was a lady from Texas who created a spicy treat she called Oaxaca Fudge Bars (Oaxaca - pronounced "wo-hah-ka" - is considered the culinary capital of Mexico).
These little treats caught my eye for one big reason... one of the key ingredients was actually chipotle chili powder.
Of course I had to make them. C has a new favorite treat, I think.

So, yesterday I gathered all my ingredients after a quick Google to get the winning recipe, and went to town.

And, they were surprisingly easy to make.

Warm fudgey goodness with a zing of pepper and espresso... add the salty and crunchy topping and you pretty much have baked perfection, Mexican style.

Not for everyone, and probably best served as an adult dessert, but I know what I will be adding to the menu next time we make enchiladas for dinner or host a Cinco de Mayo party.

Click here for the FN recipe... enjoy!!


  1. These treats were absolutely delicious! A great new recipe!

  2. Looks very good, Tasha!!

  3. Tasha Chisholm!
    I'm so very proud of you my little baker lady. Make sure to write it in the book. Do a search for dulce de leche cheesecake bars on - they were a big hit at a party I had a few weeks back.

  4. Myla!!! I will try the cheesecake bars soon - promise : )

  5. Can I ask where you bought the chipotle chilli powder?

  6. Hi Nazia,
    I actually had gotten some on our last trip to Texas, but I have tried different chilli spices here (Mega Mart and Spinneys) and they still added great flavor. let meknow how yours turn out! ~ Natasha