Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Story of Eric

Get comfy, 'cause this one is a going to be a bit wordy.

It began in the fall of 2006, when the Toyota Center in Houston, TX, announced that Eric Clapton was going to be performing for one night only early the following March. So, I got an idea. I was for sure winning the award for best wife of the year, as I was going to get my husband (a huge Clapton fan) not just tickets, but GREAT tickets to the concert.
They go on sale early in December, and being Wife Extraordinaire, I am ready with AMEX in hand, and proceed to book not just fine, but super fine VIP tickets to Eric Clapton with a gold parking pass to boot (I clearly went all out).
I stash the goods where I put all important stash-worthy little things - in my underwear drawer - and, get them out on Christmas Eve and stuff them in C's stocking. He finds them and, yep, I was right. I feel fantastic as he is thrilled. He was very merry.
Insert my m-i-l-k here (m-i-l-k = mother-in-law-kim). She gets wind of the pending concert and wants to join in on the fun. We manage to finagle a third ticket (a nose bleed, but still cost a ton as the concert was sold out & we had to bid online), and m-i-l-k arrives the week of EC.
On Friday, we have an early evening, in anticipation of the next night. We plan a nice dinner in downtown Houston before the concert. I am psyched. C & m-i-l-k are super-psyched.
Now, picture it: Saturday afternoon. Getting ready. Clapton tunes playing on the stereo. C says  "T, go get our tickets (from my drawer stash) and check on the back to see if we can bring a camera."
So I go. I start to check. And, yes, I know you have guessed it by now. It is so obvious. But it still hurts to write.  Salt on wound.
I see the date on the tickets. FRIDAY NIGHT.
I couldn't be consoled. Was I sad to have missed Eric? Yes. But I was devastated to have basically flushed hundreds of dollars down the toilet. Right down the sh*tt*r!
The family jokes were relentless, as were the spontaneous EC tunes that were sung when we would enter a room at a friendly gathering. We/I have never quite gotten over it.
Now, on to take two.
We have, in our possession, stashed neatly in amongst my intimates, our verification for two tickets to see Eric himself at Yas Arena in Abu Dhabi this week (the real tickets are to be picked up at box office day of event).http://www.yasisland.ae/en/events-calendar/flash-events/yas-island-show-weekends/concerts/eric-clapton-live-on-yas-island/
The date says February 11, 2011. This Friday. FRIDAY
My very first overnight ever without my little peanut. This better happen. And EC better give the performance of a lifetime.

C is stoked. I am cautiously optimistic we will get to see EC actually play. Maybe EC will take the 'big one' tomorrow. Maybe he'll get the flu. Maybe he will miss his flight. Maybe we'll miss our flight. Maybe I'll get the flu. Maybe we'll be denied entry at immigration due to the current diplomatic tensions between Canada and the UAE. I could go on.
Fingers and toes are crossed. I may finally be able to move on from the ticket tragedy of '07. We will see. And, of course, I will tell you...


  1. I'll cross my cross-ables for you too.

  2. Hello Tasha,

    I`m sure you will have an unforgetable evening with EC and his band. I wish you and your husband a fantastic show. I would be happy if you post a review of the concert and may be also a few photos of the concert.

    Greetings from Germany

  3. Thanks Sally! I will update for sure! Getting nervous about leaving our little girl for the night, but hoping to have a good time!