Thursday, February 17, 2011

Well Worth The Money...Twice

Our tickets - and we even showed up on the right night!

 We actually got to see him! (Big Sigh of contented relief...)
It took two tries with a few years in between, but last Friday night, along with 15,000 or so other adoring fans, we witnessed some real Eric Clapton magic happen.

pre-EC Mojitos

Can't believe I waited so long to use this!

Abu Dhabi Airport

The Quick-n-Dirty On Our EC Night...
We had a smooth flight over (where I discovered the pure JOY of my Kindle... amazing how a flight without a squirming kid can be downright enjoyable!)...
Checked into a very cool hotel room...
Had a scrumptious dinner just before sun set on an outdoor patio facing the water (with a minty mojito in hand)...
Then off to the concert with a fun group of new friends...


EC sang and played his heart out, and I said a silent prayer of thanks to the Big Guy, as my husband happily bopped to the beat next to me, that neither EC nor C & I had any 'incidents' that prevented us from finally being in the same place at the same time. Completely awesome show on a warm moonlit night in Abu Dhabi...Yay!
Great night. Really, really great night.

Abu Dhabi was a whirlwind trip for us, but we liked what we saw. The process to let us crazy Canadians in through customs & immigration wasn't even that bad. I think we will go back - perhaps a shopping weekend?

PS - Ella survived her first night away from me very nicely, thanks to my mama. Thanks Mum! 

A most excellent weekend.


  1. Great Show! Let's do it again soon... for a third time! :o)

  2. Great to hear you actually made it - and had a blast as well!

  3. Hi Tasha,

    nice to hear you had a fantastic evening with EC ;-) Watching the videos on youtube,it`s amazing to hear just EC without any other guitarist on his side!!
    So I´m looking forward to the shows in May at the RAH, my favorit venue to see EC ;-)

    Greetings to Doha from Germany


  4. So glad I got to babysit while you were off enjoying EC. A win win scenario!

  5. Sally - It really was a great show. He is getting older, but his talent just gets better (as does his voice). When will he be in your area? Part of this tour?

  6. Tasha, Germany is not part of his tour in 2011.So I fly for the shows to London in May.

  7. Of course! Royal Albert Hall... I am a bit slow catching on! Very cool!!