Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sweet Treats

Just a quick thought & a big thank you...

Myla, my sweet friend: I want you to know that you have seriously inspired me. Why you all ask?

My ever-so-thoughtful girlfriend Myla is one of the best gift givers in my life. She always remembers occasions special to me/us (big bonus for me/us!) and ALWAYS finds some fantastic thing to send along in the mail that undoubtedly makes my heart all warm and fuzzy every time.
She's sent me handmade baby clothes (made by HER OWN hand), a funky knitted scarf in the winter time, fancy kitchen gadgets, sexy undies, sparkly jewels... just real great stuff. And know what else always accompanies these little packages? A handwritten letter. Yes folks - the real deal. Pen to paper with your thoughts and feelings. Anyone out there that knows me, also knows I am almost fanatical about checking the mail.** Can't be helped - I don't even try to fight it. I just love getting mail. Myla somehow knows this, and honestly, when I receive a hand written letter just sitting in my mail hole here in our dusty ol' compound, waiting to make my day...well... it makes my day! Imagine how I feel with presents and a hand written letter! Score!
Anyhow, here I go wandering away from my point yet again... My point is this: Myla's latest box to us included one especially awesome gift.
To say Myla is a 'cook' doesn't do her justice. She's one of those people who is truly at home in the kitchen, and when we all lived in Texas, Good God, the meals she would prepare. She & her hubby would come over and we would all just sit and watch as she dashed around our kitchen making some magnificent mouth-watering recipe from memory. I think even my pots and pans had a crush on her. YUMMY!

So, yeah... my inspirational gift: Myla has begun a cook book for me from an empty journal, and she had filled the first thirty or so pages with some of her very favorite recipes. She also included colorful tips and little notes to me along the way. SO FREAKIN' GREAT!
So lately - I have been experimenting. I have to say that I have only ventured into the desserts she wrote me so far, but OMG! So yum.
So, I am taking up a new hobby. A renewed hobby? I have actually always enjoyed cooking, but the last year has forced me to spend less time creating yumminess and more time on, well... mumminess. This new book & my new enthusiasm may or may not affect all the work I am currently doing in the gym (hope not - see my last post), but this month, I am seriously taking up BAKING. Seriously. I am really into it.
I have treated the folks on Colin's floor at work with treats three times in the last two weeks. Who doesn't like surprise sweets at work? I am going to stock up on baking supplies this week and try some more new ideas - I found a few recipes online that look change-your-life good.
My mom is here this week for a visit, so perfect timing, as she has a very sweet tooth. (Added bonus: she can keep the little rascal out of the kitchen while I get my bake on.)

So thanks, Myla. Your thoughtful gift has left me feeling kitchen creative again! Bring on the cooking... well, baking first - to get my feet wet again... gotta start off with what I love the most & expand from there, right?

A big hug and kiss to you tonight, Myla. You rock!
PS - Anyone have a fun recipe I need to try? Please send! Nothing too complicated...and sadly, no pork : (        I miss you bacon!


  1. Mail is great - sometimes even the bills. Friends that send stuff in the mail are great too! Keep baking! And add pictures!

  2. Would love to see some new recipes too! I will check back to see if any are added!